Parenting with a Purpose: Building Resilience in Young
Adults Facing Mental Health Struggles

Join us for an insightful webinar designed to empower parents of adult children with the tools and knowledge necessary to support mental health. Discover how to recognize signs of mental health struggles, initiate supportive conversations, and encourage professional help while maintaining respectful boundaries.

The group will meet on Thursday night


7:00PM EST



May 16, 2024
What You’ll Learn

Spot the Signs

Quick tips to identify mental health red flags.

Talk it Through

Master the art of compassionate conversation.

Guide to Help

Seamless ways to encourage professional support.

Empower, Not Enable

Fine-tune your support without stifling independence.

Crisis Toolkit

Essential actions for mental health emergencies.

Nurture the Environment

Create a home that champions mental wellness.

Learn and Teach

Boost family awareness with key mental health facts.

Support Strategies

Develop enduring practices for emotional health.
Registration is Free

Reserve your spot today and ensure you’re equipped to support your adult child’s mental health journey.

Join us and learn how to navigate the complex world of mental health with compassion and understanding for your adult children.